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Welcome to Turkey and one of the world’s most comprehensive investment organization BYM Global Investment Center.
Our main goal will be maintaining friendly, honest and principled services together.

Real estate is the most successful investment tool in the world. For this reason, you can take great advantage with real estate brokerage services and real estate investment. In this way you are the boss of your own business, to provide profitable investment; BYM Global Investment offers you an important opportunity. Under the corporate identity of BYM Global Investment, you can demonstrate your awareness with our expert consultants and high quality service in our technologically competent offices.

What are the advantages of joining Bym Global Investment?

Consulting Support
It provides consultancy support during the initial phase of the franchise (such as kosgeb, work-exchange, grant etc.).

To Be Constantly Updated
To be able to follow the developing technology with the trainings given regularly and to renew ourselves in the communication subjects and to maintain the status of being up to date.

Extensive Network
As BYM Global Investment; Our network connections that we have established with domestic and foreign markets provide us with access to information, documents and people very quickly, thanks to our technological and representative offices.

Expert Team – Professional Service
BYM Global Investment; We provide professional services with our staff working in the field of their expertise.

Investment Projects and Customer Portfolio
To prepare feasibility reports of investment projects by our professional employees and present them to customers as well as enabling to form a comprehensive customer portfolio.

Participation in National and International Investment Activities
By participating in national and international fairs, conferences and seminars with BYM Global Investment and our representatives, providing cooperation in the field of investment activities with both publicity and other companies in the fair.