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Bilal Muhammed

Dear investors,

Since the day we stepped into the business world in the real estate sector; We touch the lives of our dear friends with our unique, dynamic and creative solutions.

As the BYM Global Investment Center, which has been constantly renewing itself since its establishment, we are proud to announce that we will succeed with proud and joy.

With this mission, we have focused on investments that create added value so far; standing behind our promises, we have made everyone who has a small accumulation a home or commercial unit owner. We produce, build, and grow together with our investors and our employees.

With our know-how, knowledge and experience; we aim to reach the summit with our valuable investors. With our projects, we help the budget of the investor and contribute to the employment rate of the country.

We want to reach great goals of our country. We bring together the right lands with the most accurate projects, and we work with the same motivation and devotion at all stages in this developing and changing real estate market.

While continuing to set an example for reputation and reliability in the market with our stable rise; we will continue to add value to the economy, fulfill our promises, reveal our differences in the market and be followed by others.

While we contribute to the economy with the profits that we generated in the real estate market, we promise to our valuable investors that we will offer living spaces or commercial buildings that you dream of.


BYM Global Investment Center
Chairman of the Board of Directors