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Our mission

BYM Global Investment Center continues its activities with the mission of being the best quality and reliable company of the market. The company, which grows with its investor identity with its advantageous projects that provide economic and social benefits, maintains its sustainability as a group that gives confidence in all aspects by providing the development of the economy and the markets in which it operates. It organizes high-yielding returns of investments in a short period of time by ensuring attention drawing projects, which are the symbol of trust, quality and profitability.

BYM Global Investment Center which adopts to be successful in all operations; provides comprehensive services to investors for small, medium and large scale real estate projects. Offering high-profit and high-quality projects to investors, the Firm has taken on the mission of being a respected and preferred company in the real estate market.

Our vision

The vision of BYM Global Investment Center is; to be a strategic investment consultancy company in the areas of investor satisfaction, market dominance and reliability in the real estate market. To date, investors have been dependent on the sale price of real estate.

BYM Global Investment Center has set out with the aim of converting the real estate sector radically by producing real estate solutions suitable for the investor’s budget.

In the world of the BYM Global Investment Center, investors have ceased to be passive in terms of whether or not to buy the real estate offered to them and become an active in buying the real estate tailored according to their wishes.

The company, which stands out with its ethical values among the projects in national and international quality standards and investment advisory firms, with its innovative projects and wide portfolio, experts in its field, aims to be the first company to be preferred in the preparation, follow-up and finalization by responding to the wishes of the investors.