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As Bym Global Investment, we analyze the demands of investors by making their own choices through projects with different values. Subsequently, we implement a step-by-step process called investment procedures. In this sense, here you will be able to find answers to your questions as investors.

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The investor registration begins with the filling of the contact form prepared for the transactions of our member candidates. At the time of registration, the candidate shall choose one of the options either demanding for land or partnership to the available land according to his/her budget. During the registration phase, the investor declares and undertakes in writing the budget determined for the residential or commercial area that he/she wishes to own. No fee is charged from the investor until the deed transfer is completed.

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Our consultants categorize the forms filled by the investor according to budgets and requests, form an investment group. At this stage, the land survey and provision suitable for the investor group’s budget are being carried out.

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Once the land suitable for the investor group’s budget has been determined, the analysis report of the land is prepared and submitted to the investor group. The physical and legal status of the real estate, determining the project alternatives to be applied, the determination of the economic data to cover the before and after the investment period, investor targets and the supply and demands are determined in the analysis report where sectoral analysis are carried out.

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Transfer transactions of real estates are carried out at land registry offices. Once the documents required before the deed transfer are completed, preparations for the transactions are completed. First of all, municipality current market value document is obtained from the municipality with the photocopy of the deed. During the deed transfer, the original and photocopy of the identity card must be available. Following the payment of title deed fees and carrying out other bureaucratic transactions, the purchase of the land preferred by the investor group is finalized. During the deed transfer, the buyer pays the originally undertaken fee to the seller.

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At the agreements made under the umbrella of BYM Global Investment framework, a majority of two-thirds of investors are determined by taking a letter of undertaking from the notary public during the transfer of the title deed, thereby avoiding the minority that may be in difference of opinion to avoid negatively impacting the majority and the purchased land is delivered to the contractor so that it can be turned into investment quickly.

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The betterment used as “estate value” is defined as the fact that a real estate has a higher value in terms of its location, even though it is the same square meter and has the same layout plan as similar apartments. At this stage, the construction project to be initiated by the contractor company is done with the program of betterment that is used by BYM Global Investment in order to prevent injustices. With this method, without signing the notary contract, each right holder shall be able to determine the number and floor of the independent section which is assigned to the share.

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Landowners (investors) provide the commencing of the construction by signing the contract with the contractor in the presence of the notary public. With this contract made, the investors are covered by government guarantee. After the contract, the contractor undertakes the construction license and starts construction within 4-5 months according to the legislation of the related municipality.

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Following the receipt of the commitment, within 15-20 days (in exceptional cases within maximum 2 months) Global Investment gives a reference to investors in order not to experience a problem in the future and to obtain a profitable investment by working with reliable and strong contractors registered in the system. The company follows all processes to ensure that the beneficiaries both have a fair share of the existing apartments and the transactions are carried out within the law.

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BYM Global Investment, which forms the marketing and leasing plans by finding the most suitable tenants with the additional contract to be made upon request of the owners of the real estate in the completed project, provides the necessary sales support in accordance with the value of the property demanded to be sold in case the property owners want to sell their properties.