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Hilmi Kaptanoglu and BYM Global Investment

Hilmi Kaptanoglu and BYM Global Investment

1)Can you tell us about your activities as a Central Anatolia regional manager?

We have been working on the establishment of our representative offices in the provinces in our Central Anatolia Region. Our visits and publicity activities continue for this reason. This year, we plan to open our representative offices in all cities in our region.

2)Do you think that real estate is a good investment tool?

Exactly; it has always been a good investment tool for its investors. In our country and the world, real estate investments made according to the predictions of experts, investment companies, yield profits with serious and realistic rates, Therefore, it is always one of the most indispensable investment tools.

3)Can you tell us about your work on real estate investments?

We intensively continue to do our research to identify suitable projects across Turkey that will allow investors to profit at good rates. In order to determine the best among them, we continue our work with our expert staff.

Our fields of activity are very wide especially housing, schools, dormitories, business centers. We are in research of both finished and profitable lands suitable for these areas of activity. We are quickly initiating our feasibility studies through what we classify as suitable.

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