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Which services exactly are you providing?

As the BYM Global Investment, we provide lands that are reasonable and profitable and analyzed on behalf of investors. We help purchasing at a price below the market value and saving at the purchase. We also contribute to project development.

We start projects by making contracts between the companies and investors who are registered to BYM Global Investment under the supervision of our lawyers located in all cities.

Will I pay any fees for contracts or lawyers?

Except for the land investment organization fees performed by BYM Global Investment, there is no cost after the purchase of the land. However, natural gas, electricity, real estate taxes, personal expenses and so on will be paid by the investor.

So why should I choose you?

As BYM Global Investment, we are the first in the country to offer services to investors that require no down payments, checks, notes, prepayment, or cosigner.

How much budget should we allocate?

As the BYM Global Investment, the amount of participation varies according to the investment projects that we plan. For each project, participation amount is determined by the Board of Directors of BYM Global Investment.

How does the title deed transfer?

The title deed is transfered at the title deed office where the land is located, along with the regional representative and company lawyer. During the transfer process, the final signature will be completed after the submission of the bank receipt indicating that 10% organization fee has been deposited to the official of BYM Global Investment company account and the transfer process will be completed. Before the transfer is completed, investors will submit a notarized agreement.

Why is the commitment document required during the title deed?

The reason for the commitment document is to ensure that there is no difference of opinion among the investors and that a two-thirds (2/3) majority is bound to the decision. The aim here is a precaution to prevent the victimization of our investors, who agree with the majority.

Would you help me sell my share or the real estate after getting the land title?

BYM Global Investment offers all kinds of support and services to its investors. However, special requests that will occur after the land title transfer and notary agreement will be subject to additional contract.

What criteria do you use for the values of lands you offer?

Analysis reports are prepared as a result of the regional studies conducted by the experts within the BYM Global Investment Center.

How is the number of investors in the land purchase determined?

As the value of each land and the budget allocated by investors vary, the number of participants is not determined in advance.

How can I track the project I am involved in?

While the investor record is being created by the provincial representative of BYM Global Investment, investors can easily follow the project and other advantages with the user name and password allocated to the and.

What is the average duration of the project?

It varies from one year or more depending on the size of each investment project.

What do I need to do to join any project?

Participation in our projects, which takes place in any part of Turkey is done through our representatives in cities / provinces around you.

What kind of projects do you produce?

Since there are many investors in various professional groups in our country, many investment alternatives are being prepared. We can give some examples such as housing projects, business centers, hotels, private schools and dormitories, private hospitals, factories, resorts, greenhouses, agricultural fields.

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